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Paul B Sturtevant, PhD

Editor-in-Chief, The Public Medievalist

Paul B. Sturtevant is a public historian and medievalist, and an expert in the way that  history is presented to the public. His PhD (University of Leeds, 2010) studied how big-budget feature films influence popular ideas about the medieval past.

He has since gone on to do research at Cambridge University, at the Smithsonian Institution, and for a major EU-funded research project in Spain.

Paul is also the owner of History for the People LLC, a consultancy firm, which provides historical consultancy, research, and evaluation services for the heritage, arts, and higher education sectors.

You can reach Dr Sturtevant at publicmedievalist[at]gmail.com

Paul’s Academia.edu profile

Paul’s Linkedin profile

Dr DarkAge, PhD

Regular Contributor, Editor

Dr Darkage is the nom de plume of a professor-scholar-gamer-fantasy/sci-fi nerd, who is the archenemy of historical negationists, biological determinists, and students who hate memorizing the date 1066.



Victoria Cooper, PhD

Contributor and Web Consultant

Dr Cooper is a contributor to The Public Medievalist and also offers technical consulting on the site’s design and code. Her PhD (University of Leeds, 2016) focused on the popular reception of video-game medievalisms.


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